How To Cure an Eye Infection In Just 24 Hours.

What is an Eye Infection? 

Hello Everyone, I am your Dr. Alyas (MBBS), and I'm going to talk to you really quickly about eye infections. Because eye infections are something that I am very, very aware of because I suffered with them for around two years.



How To Cure an Eye Infection In Just 24 Hours.
Eye Infection

They were an absolute misery whether Augustus dies or something which is called a collision. Which is like These cysts that grows either on the eyelid or under the eyelid forms a ball of pus basically. They are hideous things and I suffered a long time with them, especially the Colossians. I kept getting one and then eventually and these bloody things they state, and you have to get them cut out, or you can pop them yourself which I don't recommend at all. Because especially if they're under the eye it's not pretty you don't want to go anywhere near your eye with anything sharp, and then they would go to another miserable time.

How to clean your eyelids.

To cure eyelids you have to follow the method.



How To Cure an Eye Infection In Just 24 Hours.
Hot Water+Salt

  • Boil some water and in the Celt just boil and let it go to a temperature where you knew you could swirl your eye with it.

  • So just let it drain and  put in salt. You put lots and lots of salt in it and  kept adding more and so you got to the right place where you could feel the salt in the eye. It will not hurt you because if you put too much in it will sting and burn and that's not the goal.

  • Then you have to get a little kind of cup that you get with your eye washes, and we'll put the water with the salt to hold it to your eye for one minute and let it circulate all throughout the eye.

I repeat that process over and over and over again over the course of the day and I promise that within 24 hours the eye infection will be gone.

Don't be Afraid: 

This process will start off with redness in your eye. There will be an itch they then start to form what looks like a sty, and they then become a collision and this will work for you over and over again. Anybody that I've known who suffers or has my affection I say the same thing water lots of salt into your I can tolerate getting to that toleration level of your eye where you can use a salt get the cup and

just let it sit in the eye and swirl and ten times out of ten not nine times out of ten but everybody I've known that's done.

This gets rid of their eye infections and with the huge collisions they will actually go down and dissipate. If you've got a massive play and absolutely try it before you go to the doctors and get the thing cut out because it's a miserable experience. As I all know they pull your eye up its horrid time and this can absolutely 100% help you to get rid of your eye infections very simply.  Basically with good lid hygiene which is cleaning the lashes unlike baby shampoo and a cotton bud can go a long way and kind of doing the same on the cure of eye infection.



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