Are peptic ulcers dangerous | what are the signs and symptoms of peptic ulcer disease

Are peptic ulcers dangerous?

I am Dr. Alyas practicing at TAJ Medical Complex Hospital, Saddar, Karachi. My M.B.B.S. from Nishtar Medical University.

Peptic perforation is definitely a dangerous situation. Peptic perforation involves perforation of the duodenum perforation of the stomach gastric perforation we call it a hole in the stomach or hole in the dod knee that means the digestive juices including bile juice and the pancreatic juice. they are entering the abdominal wall abdominal cavity and they start digesting the Abdominal cavity that means normal tissues will start getting digester as though that is a portion of food so this is a very dangerous situation because if you leave it for more than 12 hours or 20 hours a patient might end up with sepsis. 

sepsis means infection and that infection spreading into the blood and it can even cause multiple organ deaths and this leads to that the very individual so this is the reason the earliest intervention and treatment that is available for peptic perforation is the surgery itself so how does this patient present so this patient with peptic perforation may have long-standing ulcer symptoms that is abdominal pain most Randall. I mean after eating food they may have severe pain in gastric ulcers and they may have relief of pain in the ordinances with such the situation suddenly if the individual develops excruciating pain in the Abdomen which is going down into the abdomen and causing complete distinction abdominal rigidity and guarding of the abdomen then we think it is a perforation of the abdomen and we evaluate these patients to look for gas under the diaphragm and there are many methods of diagnosing these patients and the only treatment is surgery what we do is we normally do open surgery for all peptic perforation but these days when individuals come in the early stage we can also close the perforations laparoscopically duodenal perforations can be close to laparoscopically. 

most important in the surgery is the good wash of the abdominal cavity and the method of stitching of this perforated area the way we stitch it and we also put a drain post-surgery for two to three days to make sure even if there is a hole forming again we identify it and it gets localized and that can be treated again later.

What is a Peptic ulcer?

The peptic ulcers are the open-source that develop inside the linings of Sophia's stomach and upper portion of the small intestine.



Are peptic ulcers dangerous
Peptic Ulcer

It occurs due to the reaction of acidic digestive peptide juices to peptic ulcer exchanged deeper into lining normally acid and pepsin do not produce any ulceration Pickers productive and aggressive factors work within the arrangers.

What are aggressive and protective factors?

Let's discuss aggressive and protective factors in the balance between these two factors that may contribute to the development of a peptic ulcer. The aggressive factors include gastric acidity and peptic enzymes. While the productive our defensive factors include surface mucus secretions bicarbonate secretion into Lucas mucosal blood flow epithelial regeneration capacity and

elaboration of prostaglandins imbalance between these two factors may contribute to the development of a peptic ulcer.

Causes of Peptic Ulcer

Now we are going to describe some major causes of peptic ulcers. These causes include,

  • Helicobacter pylori and I come back to the PI believes a microorganism that is responsible for the development of peptic ulcers.
  • The second because you can say alcohol and Beverage heavy intake of alcohol can also contribute to the development of a peptic ulcer.
  • The next cause is your family history if your family men burned previously are suffering from cryptic ulcers, so you may be for you are at the iris party peptic ulcer.
  • Another cause is the use of anti-inflammatory drugs extensive use of non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs is also responsible for the development of a peptic ulcer.

Sign and symptoms of Peptic ulcer

Let's discuss the signs and symptoms of peptic ulcers. There Three types of factors that are included in signs and symptoms of peptic ulcers.


Are peptic ulcers dangerous
Symptoms of Peptic ulcer


Burning Sensation

The silence in terms of a tick else includes a burning sensation to the affected area CPA pain to the affected area like the stomach. You can say where else a reason is being observed fatigue may be observed by the patient heart burning sensation may be observed loss of appetite may be observed and severe weight loss may be observed in the patients who are suffering from peptic ulcer.


Now moving to the pathophysiology of peptic ulcer. As we already know the aggressive and protective factor if there is an imbalance between these two factors that the condition leads to peptic ulcer. The increase in gastric activity and peptic activity is the aggressive factor with impaired defense; these aggressive factors caused damage to the gastric mucosa.

Helicobacter pylori

Another factor is Helicobacter pylori. Basically, it is a microorganism that can also cause peptic ulcers. All these three fact factors together or individually may lead to damaging of the lining of our gastric mucosa eventually that damage leads to ulceration and that ulceration is peptic ulcer.

Diagnosis of Peptic ulcer

Let's discuss the diagnosis of peptic ulcer. We have several methods that can be used for the diagnosis and identification of peptic ulcers. There are two methods of Diagnosis of Peptic ulcer,

  1. Radiology endoscopy biopsy.
  2. Stomach tissue tests.

Treatment of Peptic ulcer


Are peptic ulcers dangerous
Treatment of Peptic Ulcer


Let's discuss the treatment of peptic ulcers. These days we have several medications and antibiotics that are useful against the treatment of peptic ulcers. Let's discuss them one by one. 


The very first stage antibiotics basically the antibiotics are used for the killing of the microorganism edge spirally or Helicobacter pylori that is responsible for the development of a peptic ulcer.


another one is drugs that block acid products and excessive as acid production leads to a peptic ulcer which has to be blocked the third one is drugs that reduce the acid production. Basically, acid production is a continuous process few medications are used for reducing the production of acids.


Another drug or category is antacids basically antacids are the drugs that are used to utilize the stomach acid okay third one is drugs that protect the stomach lining. The stomach lining basically will remove a productive membrane this protective membrane is damaged due to the action of acids and peptic enzymes a protective medication or productive covering is applied on the stomach lining which ProCare protects the mucosal membrane.


Another treatment is surgery. The affected area is removed using the surgery.

All these are possible treatments for treating peptic ulcer it was a quick review on peptic ulcers which included general introduction causes signed-in symptoms, aggressive and defensive factors, and very potent pathophysiology diagnosis and treatment of peptic ulcers.

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