Weight loss is possible after 50 || How to lose weight after 50?

 Weight loss is possible after 50?

We are going to talk about either weight loss is possible after 50 or not. Well, I am Dr. Alyas providing my services at TAJ Medical Complex Hospital, Saddar, Karachi. It is a very negotiable question that weight loss is possible after. This is very old age and it is hard to say that we can reduce weight after 50 but there are some tips that can help you to reduce weight loss after 50.
I'm going to introduce a few super effective steps to lose weight after 50. Yes, weight loss is possible after 50. If you do it the right way the scientific way you will be in the driving seat you are the key to a healthier and slimmer version of yourself.
Now the big question is, to lose weight after 50. [Weight loss is possible after 50] Losing weight after 50 gets harder for all of us.

Exercise really helps.

Remember the two sorts — cardio and weight lifting. By doing weight lifting we can get stronger muscles because that will burn our fat and turn it into our muscular body and this will also help to weight loss after 50. When you're anxious, you may eat more. Pay attention to your food if you want results of Weight loss is possible after 50 by changing lifestyle.

Major Steps For Weight Loss After 50

👉Weight loss by reducing carbs

So reducing carbs is super important, and it's actually more important than reducing your calories. If you're overweight and you want to lose weight after 50 you simply have to cut your carbs. This includes sugars, grains, flour, starchy vegetables, and most fruits, yes also most fruits, you heard me right.

Weight loss is possible after 50

Now fruits containing sugar will spike your insulin. Insulin will make you gain weight not lose weight consider that an apple contains four teaspoons of sugar the bread slice of bread contains 4 to 8 teaspoons of sugar a soft drink will contain 500 military and contains around 10 teaspoons of sugar. Now our blood can safely hold one teaspoon of sugar, so we are all of a sudden to add 4 to 8 to 10 teaspoons of sugar and this is just one item this is going to spike your insulin, and it's going to make excess fat as the excess energy as fat stubborn fat that will then struggle to get rid of, so we need to reduce the carbs for losing weight after 50 and thereby reducing the insulin.

👉Weight loss by Intermittent Fasting

The next step is to introduce for lose weight after 50 is something called intermittent fasting for instance. Let's take breakfast is pumped the most important meal of the day actually you can skip breakfast altogether, or you can be delayed for each hour you delay your breakfast the body will be burning fat fuel simply because there is no access to energy. It's taking the energy from the fat now more generally we need to introduce intermittent fasting how often have you been eating just because it's for meal whatever time you eat well you're eating not because you actually are hungry you don't feel the need you don't have the desire to eat anything.

Weight loss is possible after 50

But because this time then you're eating, or you might be a part of socializing with people. But that also means while your body is saying well we don't need any food because you're not hungry it means you don't need the food while your body saying I don't really need the food. You are adding more energy to the system you're storing fat in, so if you're not hungry you don't eat, increasing the gap between meals, which is basically intermittent fasting and this is the best way to lose weight after 50. After 12 hours the body will start utilizing fat for fuel because there is no more access to carbohydrates. There's less glucose from the food the body will then produce the food that is the glucose it that it needs but beyond that it's also going to start utilizing the fat as fuel now with these two simple measures.

How we experienced losing weight after 50

My mother reduced her weight after 50, she's 72 years old she's 5 feet 2 inches she'd be struggling for a long time to bring her way down below 60 kilos now within a few months we brought her way down to 48 kilos amazingly but certainly not surprisingly we also had her stopped the insulin injections that she had been taking for 15 years she was being followed by a very renowned to diabetes center in Denmark and regardless of that her medication continued to be the dosage to continue to be increased the number of medicines increased but once she started this reducing the carbs intermittent fasting everything turned around and on top of that about also got under control.

Now this these two steps are super important for you to lose weight after 50 if you're ready to lose the kilos that have been bothering you for so long then you better speak to us, you can get rid of the belly fat you can get rid of the love handles, and it's not about just how you look it's not just about the belly fat, it's not just about the love handles, it's not just about the dress that doesn't fit you any longer, it's also about losing weight after 50.

Other benefits of Weight loss

We can make it easy for you to conceive it can do away with your polycystic ovary syndrome or at least reduce the symptoms and the effects and the complications from PCOS. It can improve your egg tile dysfunction, it can improve your breathing, your asthma can get better, you can actually also reverse your diabetes so apart from looking better apart from feeling better apart from having a lot more confidence with a better and mostly motion of yourself you can actually change your health completely by losing weight after 50.

Symptoms of overweight 

Weight loss is possible after 50


keep in mind weight is the reason for so many diseases that I could carry on measuring them.

  • It can be stroke heart disease
  • Hypertension
  • Diabetes
  • Non-alcoholic fatty liver disease
  • Depression
  • Anxiety

And there are so many more symptoms and so many more conditions that are caused by weight after 50, and you can get rid of it. The best part is that you can really do something about losing weight after 50.


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