What are sand fleas?

Sand fleas are tiny crab-like crustaceans. These are tinny crabs found in sandy areas.


What are sand fleas

My Experience with sand fleas

I don't know if I can think of anything else. I haven't ever seen any so I don't have experience with them. Are these fleas? I have lots of fleas, there are little eggs in my bed now but they don't seem to bother me or P - guy. With my nice guy, I was constantly itching and scratching and he found a lot of them on me. I saw some in the litterbox of the other cats and they seem to do the same thing to them. Other than that I'm perfectly fine.

They want to make me healthy so that I have lots of energy to keep them out of their territory. I like cats, I like to eat chicken but I don't want to fight with them all the time. I like having more energy so I can do more exploring and I'm not so tired and slow anymore. Now I play! He'll take me and put me in a box and take me on his lap and let me stay there for a while and then I get out and run and play and run and play. Mom told me she saw you doing this with the other cats. before you. right? were you always like this? Why? what is special about P - man and you?

That's nice of you to watch him. It's not hard, just time-consuming. I can't really just jump up into a box and he hasn't built a cat condo yet. he's working on it but it's been hard to keep his time from being too precious. Mom thinks he's made my diet a little better since we started this thing. he makes me eat more and that should help my pancreas be better. Her soother didn't work last night. I cried all night. I went to sleep, then woke up and cried. I slept for a few minutes then woke up and cried some more. I only slept for about an hour total I hate to go to sleep for a long time and then wake up and not be able to sleep again.

Sometimes I know it's time for my morning nap and sometimes I wait for mom to wake up. I like the morning nap. Mom is not at home. She went out with friends. I like her to go out. She gets to be with other people and she's a little sad when she's not home. We both love when she comes home. we have time to cuddle and then she goes back to work. that's not fun. Sometimes she stays away longer. I'm trying to work on being okay with that. p - man is a lot like mom, he doesn't like to be away from home. I was napping when mom left and he went to a meeting so I've been here most of the day. I was hungry before my nap so I had a snack and then just sat on the couch and waited. my mom is sweet. she called and told me she missed me but had fun. she said I was a good boy and she is proud of me. I can hear her talking on the phone with her friends. She talked to one of my mom's friends and one of her coworkers. She had the phone propped up to where I could see it so I watched and listened. It was so fun and I don't get to do that very often. She is at work now so I can watch more of her talking. I think I am getting very tired. I have been playing with my toys and playing with my tummy.

Are Sand Fleas dangerous?

Actually, sand fleas are not insects that's why they are not dangerous to humans and it has no danger for animals also. I've been busy and I have energy. I will nap again. mom came home and I got really excited. I ran up to the door and made some noise and pounced on her and started to lick her. I think I did something wrong. Mom laughed and rubbed my tummy and kissed me and scratched my ears and I felt bad about my behavior. I made it up to her though and made some noise. She has left the door open so I can come out on the floor but she isn't letting me in the bedroom or on the bed yet. I think I've been pretty bad.

What are sand fleas

She could tell it made her sad and the next time I do something she says "you are naughty" and rubs my tummy and says "you are cute" and I feel better again. I do enjoy playing on the bed with my mom. I even climb up on her. mom was in the room this morning and the cats all came over to where she was. The resident cats came and sniffed the fingers on her hand and she let them. I watched for a while and then went to play in the living room. She didn't let them sniff her hand though. I didn't know that cats were snubbing her hand, I thought they liked her. If you saw my mom and knew her you would think I'm wrong. i think she's got her own opinions about things, and she doesn't like cats too much. i don't like cats much. 

Where are sand fleas found?

Sand fleas are tinny crabs and the mostly found on wet sand, like beaches.

What are sand fleas

I started crying after watching sand fleas when she left this morning. I was so excited and wanted to play. I was being silly and she started crying. I thought I was being so cute and she loved me and then I wanted to be with her but I couldn't. She said she would be back and I wouldn't be so sad and that I would get lots of cuddles and I would play with the cats and I would get lots of treats and she would come home again and we would play. Mom is leaving me for a few days. She went to visit her friends in Ontario and then she's going to stay there and go shopping with them. I don't know where that is. She doesn't know if she will have time to take me with her. I don't know what to do while she's gone. I am scared. I don't like it when she goes to the doctor for medication for sand fleas.

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